Prize-winning Technology

Prize-winning Technology

Solarlite has already been recognised on a number of occasions for its innovations in the field of solar power.


Climate-friendly and safe

The sun is the greatest and inexhaustible source of energy, and concentrated solar power is an efficient way to use solar power to cover global energy demands. Solar thermal power plants can, according to a Greenpeace study, meet over 25 % of global energy needs by 2050.

At Solarlite we believe in the path of sustainable and decentralised energy production using technologies that make energy universally available, environmentally friendly and affordable. It is our goal to reduce CO2 emissions so that we live up to our responsibility to future generations.

Sustainable CO2 reductions

In times of uncontrollable global warming, the greatest advantage offered by the Solarlite technology is the possibility of producing CO2-free energy. With this aim in mind, the company is constantly working to improve its technology so as to increase the efficiency of power plants. The operational concept of direct steam generation with water/steam makes a great contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. It also eliminates the need for the thermal oil usually used as heat transfer fluid, making the production of energy more environmentally friendly and more cost effective. The light design of the Solarlite collectors leads to savings in transport and installation costs and it extends total service life. The power plants can be operated independently of the grid and can thus also be used for decentralised projects, making the transport of energy unnecessary. These factors contribute to a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions.