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Solarlite has created significant innovations within solar thermal energy. With the SL 5770, the company has successfully developed a parabolic trough collector, which is made out of a combination of glass fibre composite material and an efficient thin-film glass mirror. With this, Solarlite has achieved higher operating temperatures, a simpler construction, a significant reduction in weight and panel costs and thereby ultimately an increase in the efficiency of the whole power plant.
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Solarlite is the first company worldwide to have commercially introduced direct steam generation with water/steam in power plants. Direct steam generation with water is more efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly compared to other traditional parabolic trough power plants which use thermal oil and an additional heat exchanger. Further effects include the possibility of achieving higher operating temperatures up to 500 °C, lower investment costs and attractive energy prices.
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Concentrated Solar Power

Concentrated solar power plants are the future of energy provision. Research and development efforts were already taking place in the USA in the 1980s, but were stopped and not started again until recent years. Solar thermal power plants achieve high efficiency and are a climate and resource-friendly form of energy production. In sun-rich regions they can be built and operated profitably for investors.
Solar thermal power plants