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Innovative technology

Solarlite CSP Technology GmbH from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania stands for innovation, technology and globality. The company is a technology innovator and EPC contractor for solar thermal parabolic trough power plants (Concentrated Solar Power). Solarlite provides the whole range of service to the client from technical consultancy until the installation of a customize solution.  The technology is based on direct steam generation for the production of electricity or process heat for industrial purposes. Compared with traditional parabolic trough power plants, Solarlite directly generates steam and is therefore more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. The power plants have an electrical output of 2 MW up to over 100 MW. Solarlite is thus the only supplier of parabolic trough power plants suited to covering the energy demands of commercial and small industrial companies.

Solarlite has a market-leading position in three crucial areas.

  • Solarlite is the first and only company in the world to build solar thermal parabolic trough power plants based on direct steam generation with water, substituting the thermal oil traditionally used.
  • The parabolic trough collector SL 4600 developed by Solarlite is designed for operating temperatures up to 500 °C. It is made from a glass fibre composite material and a thin film glass mirror and as such it is especially light. This achieves a simplified construction and considerable cost reductions.
  • Solarlite is the only provider of solar thermal power plants on the scale of 500 kWe up to over 30 MWe of power output. The decentralised modular design of the Solarlite power plants ensures flexibility.

A wide range of applications

The possible size of power plants often corresponds to the requirements of small and medium-sized industrial companies. Solarlite power plants can be operated as combined heat and power systems, simultaneously producing electricity and process heat for industrial applications. They can be integrated into existing plants and combined with fossil or other renewable energy sources (e.g. biomass, geothermal, oil).

The technology is deployed for:

  • Energy generation and feeding in to the grid
  • Covering the energy needs of small and medium-sized industrial enterprises with high energy demands, such as the hotel, food production or textile industries
  • Energy provision in rural areas with high solar radiation and without any connection to the grid
  • Production of process heat for industrial applications, absorption cooling for air conditioning systems or desalination of seawater

Solarlite CSP GmbH is part of the AZTEQ Group

AZTEQ is a Belgian company dedicated to the design and construction of solar thermal systems generating up to 400 degrees Celsius for industrial processes (steam, thermal oil, hot water,...). Highly efficient parabolic troughs and vacuum collectors are used for optimal absorption of the concentrated solar heat. AZTEQ offers both EPC contracts (Engineering, Procurement & Contracting) and heat as a service through usage contracts over a period of 20 to 30 years.