ADPO Antwerp, Belgium

Solar process heat

Project description

Parabolic trough thermal power plant

Project partner


Aim of the project

On the site of a logistics center for chemical products in the port of Antwerp, this solar heat supply system was built to cover the accruing heat demand proportionally by solar heat. The solar field consists of HT/SL5770 parabolic troughs and has a mirror surface of 1,100 m². Its capacity is 0.5 MW and it produces approximately 0.47 GWh of solar heat annually.

Project parameters

Project duration
Beginning of 2019 until beginning of 2020
Project location


Technical parameters

Parabolic mirror
16 segments and 2 collectors
Mirror surface
1.107 m²
Aperture width
5,77 m
CO2 reduction 100 t / Year

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