Heineken Brewery Seville, Spain

Solar heat supply

Project description

Parabolic trough thermal power plant with storage tank

Project partner

AZTEQ, Solarlite Spain, Engie

Aim of the project

A solar heat supply system is being built on the brewery site in conjunction with a daily storage tank. A parabolic trough system will achieve a solar coverage of up to 53%, supplying the plant. The solar field will consist of HYT6000/SL5770 parabolic troughs and will have a mirror surface of 43,414 m². Its capacity is 30 MW and it will produce approximately 30 GWh of solar heat annually.

The daily storage tank is designed as a tank farm with a capacity of 814 m³ and will be able to store 68.8 MWhth.

Project parameters

Project duration
Spring 2022 to spring 2023
Project location


Technical parameters

Parabolic mirror
68 collectors
Mirror surface
43.414 m²
Aperture width
5,77 m
CO2 reduction 7.500 t / Year