Prize-winning Technology

Prize-winning Technology

Solarlite has already been recognised on a number of occasions for its innovations in the field of solar power.


Solarlite - 5770

The Solarlite 5770 is the second generation of highly efficient parabolic trough collectors. The product was developed for operating up to 500°C. The collector, with an aperture of 5.77 m, consists of precisely shaped parabolic troughs made from glass fibre composite material, upon which a thin-film glass mirror is glued. This reflects more than 95% of the sun's radiation on to a receiver pipe positioned at the focal line. Water is pumped through the pipe, absorbing the reflected heat and vaporising. A turbine generator produces electricity. The surplus heat can be used for further heat applications.

Technical Details

Materials used Thin-film glass mirror, Thick glas mirror, steel, vacuum receiver
Segment length 12.0 m
Collector width 5.77 m
Glass pipe diameter 130 mm
Absorber diameter 70 mm
Max. operating temperature 500 °C
Focal line 1,2 m
Concentration factor 66
Heat transfer medium water / steam
Optical efficiency 75 %

SL 5770 technically and economically convincing

The SL 5770 is an advancement on its precursor, the SL 2300, which is suitable for use in operating temperatures of up to 250°C.

The result is an innovative, modular collector design based on the combination of a robust but light synthetic construction of a tested composite panel, an efficient thin-glass mirror and minimised steel construction. As a result, Solarlite achieves the following competitive advantages:

  • Optimised collector design
    The parabolic design was optimally aligned to the properties of the vacuum receiver. The length of a collector was set at 12m, corresponding to the length of 3 receivers. Twelve collectors are connected to one module. The length of a segment was set at 12 m, corresponding to the length of 3 receivers. Twelve segments are connected to one collector. The length of a collector is thus set at 120 m.
  • Higher operating temperatures
    An improved design and improved optical properties mean the new parabolic trough collector permits operating temperatures of up to 500 °C.
  • Simpler construction
    An improved construction achieves greater stiffness and wind resistance.
  • Reduction of the collector weight
    Reducing the proportion of steel means the weight of the collector is reduced.
  • Reduction of collector costs
  • Cost reductions in production and transport
    The individual modules can be shipped without problems in standard containers, which means on-site manufacturing is no longer absolutely necessary. The modular design makes unrestricted project sizes possible.
  • Increase in optical efficiency
    The new parabolic trough collector achieves an optical efficiency of up to 75 %.