"TSE 1" Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand

5 MWe solar thermal power plant

Project description

Solar thermal power plants are generally built on a scale of 50 MWe upwards. Based on a flexible modular concept, Solarlite is building power plants on a scale from 500 kWe up to over 30 MWe. Project sizes over and above this are possible.

The project TSE 1 originated on the basis of Thai feed-in tariff legislation for Very Small Power Producers (VSPP). The law guarantees additional compensation for electricity fed into the grid for projects up to 10 MWe in scale over the 10 years following commissioning.

Sustainable Energy Europe

The Kanchanaburi Project has been endorsed by the European Commission's Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign as an Official Partner

Technical parameters

Electrical power
5 MWel
Thermal output
19 MWth
Operating temperature
330 °C
Operation pressure
30 bara
26,4 %
Solarfield land area
110.000 m²
Collector area 45.000 m²
Total annual electricity production 9 GWhel
Investor and Operator Thai Solar Energy Co.Ltd.

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