DUKE, Spain

Direct steam generation 2.0 – Flow path concept, development and testing

Sponsored by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety

Project description

Demonstration project

The partners in this project aim to set up a collector row to investigate solar direct steam generation according to the once through concept. The project comprises planning, development and commissioning, test operation and a system assessment. The conclusion of the project will bring the first proof of function for solar direct steam generation according to the once trough concept on a fully functional collector row.

Project partners

  • Coordinator: Institute for Solar Research, German Aerospace Center ( go to website )

Project aim

  • Investigation of the once trough concept under real conditions
  • Demonstration of solar direct steam generation at 500 °C
  • Detailed system analysis for reliable costing assessment under consideration of the Solarlite collector

There is currently no practical experience of the once through concept that allows the inference that operation is guaranteed to be possible under real weather conditions and considering the economic requirements.

Project description

The project deals primarily with the construction, commissioning and first operation of a collector row to examine the operational capability of solar direct steam generation according to the once through concept. An important criterion for completing the evaluation of an operating concept is the long-term stability of the components and systems used. The project is to achieve the following essential milestones:

  • Construction of the collectors
  • Connection of the collectors to the DISS plant
  • Commissioning of the collector row
  • First system analysis: collector survey, receiver survey, process analysis
  • First operation under the once through concept

Project parameters

Project duration
01.05.2011 to 31.03.2014
Project location
Plataforma Solar de Almeria (PSA), Spain, Forschungslabor der CIEMAT


Technical parameters

Parabolic trough collector
SL 4600
Collector length
300 m
Operating temperature
500 °C
Project manager
Pierre Breitzke
Project management PTJ Jülich

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