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Solarlite develops and builds solar thermal parabolic trough power plants (Concentrated Solar Power) for generating electricity with the option of combined heat and power generation and process heat plants for industrial purposes. For the first time worldwide, the company is applying direct steam generation commercially in a power plant. Solarlite provides the whole range of service to the client from technical consultancy until the installation of a customize solution.   more »

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    National Energy Globe Award for Solarlite power plant in Thailand [...]

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  • A Future of Solar Thermal Power

    Every year, the sun transmits over 1 billion terawatt hours of energy to the earth - 60 thousand times the [...]

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    We are growing and seeking committed employees to implement our projects. Working for us, everyone has [...]

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    Solarlite has already been recognised on a number of occasions for its innovations in the field of solar power.

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Solarlite products and technology are outstanding.