Potential Applications

Solarlite technology is most economic in areas with high solar radiation levels. Moreover, the profitability, out of the use of solar generated energy in addition to the conservation of fossil energy, will significantly increase.

Process heat

The industry needs process heat which can also be partially or fully provided by solar energy. proportionally also may be manufactured. It is recommended then to use hybrid solutions in order to ensure a continuous operation.






Refrigeration production

In the tourism sector, mainly electricity and air conditioning are being required. In the main tourist areas with consistently high temperatures, air-conditioning resembles between 30 and 50% of the electricity demand. Shopping malls, production halls, exhibition halls, airports also have a high demand for air-conditioning and/or heating.




The production of drinking water from sea water demands large amounts of energy. The importance of solar desalination is increasing every day as result of fresh water scarcity and increase in energy prices.






Electricity production (network or island solutions)

Even with low temperature and pressure it is possible to produce electricity with the Solarlite technology.