Woltow, Germany

Parabolic trough power plant for a fish farm

Project description

At Woltow, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Solarlite has developed and built a solar thermal energy pilot plant in combination with a biomass plant. The first commercial solar thermal power plant in Germany with an output of 220 kW thermal energy was put into operation on 27th April 2007 in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture from the State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania , Till Backhaus. The plant generates the heat required to provide a constant temperature of 26 °C in the fish breeding tanks. The African catfish needs this high water temperature for successful breeding. This is an example of the industrial application of Solarlite technology.

This plant was the first to use the SL 2300 developed by Joachim Krüger.

With the SL 2300, Solarlite has developed a parabolic trough collector with an aperture of 2.3 metres and a length of 6 metres. Each segment has a surface area of 13.8 sqm. The SL 2300 is made up of aluminium mirrors, an absorber without a vacuum and an electrical motor for the tracking system. The length of the collector is limited to 50 m due to its electrical motor and the wind forces. The SL 2300 achieves an optical efficiency of up to 65 % and a maximum operating temperature of 250 °C.

Technical Parameters

Thermal output
220 kW
Collector area
440 m²

Width of collector aperture

2,3 m
Weight of collector 28 kg
Collector rows 9 and 25m long

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